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Why are parent volunteers so important?

Parent volunteers are a critical part of the success of our football program. With approximately 140 players, 16 coaches, and more than 20 varsity & JV games there's a lot of work required to make this organization run smoothly. We need your support—whether it's one hour or every single game, we ask that you volunteer. We look forward to working with you.

How do I volunteer?

We're glad you asked! Check out the teams below, then use the QR code at the bottom of the page to sign up for a team. Each team has a lead and they'll be in touch. 

Step 1: Choose your team
  • Field painting
  • Game technology for coaches (headsets, etc.)
  • Chain gang (varsity & JV)
  • Away games equipment transport 
  • Player film (varsity & JV)
  • Inflatable Hawk tunnel for varsity games (set up & breakdown)

Team 1

  • Stadium clean-up days
  • Family potluck
  • Midnight Madness
  • Senior Night
  • End-of-Season banquet 

Team 2

  • Game day meals
  • After game snacks (varsity & JV)
  • Team communications
  • Website & social media
  • Concessions
  • Summer workout team activities

Team 3

  • Fundraising events (cornhole tournament, fall jamboree, etc.)  
  • Year-round fundraising efforts

Team 4

  • School & community spirit planning events (Alumni game, Season kick-off tailgate)

  • Volunteer opportunities for the players (mentoring young players, service projects)

  • Community outreach (backpack drive, youth camp, etc.)

Team 5

Step 2: Use the QR code to tell us which team you want to join.
2022 Parent Google Form
Step 3: Wait to hear from your team lead

Depending on which team you volunteered for, we may ask for your time sooner rather than later. While the season officially begins in August, there is lot of work before then. We want to thank you again for your time. 

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