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New and returning players must register for the 2022 season


Get a physical

All players must have a physical that is less than one-year-old to play football. You will not be able to register without an up-to-date physical.

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • If your player had a physical in October of 2021, that would not be valid for the entire 2022 season and they will need another physical. 

  • Please let your physician know you're getting a physical to play football. In addition to the physical form, your physician will also need to complete a WCPSS high school athletic participation form.


Register on DragonFly

You must register on DragonFly to play football. This is considered your "ticket to play." 

What you need:

  • Before you register, you MUST have your player physical & medical eligibility form in digital format ready to upload.

  • You will need to upload two separate documents to DragonFly:

1) The PPE medical eligibility form

2) The PPE physical exam

  • All paperwork must be submitted electronically through DragonFly, so please do not submit anything to the coaches. They'll redirect you back to DragonFly. 

  • Brand new athletes will need to create a new account. Returning players can update their information and forms by simply logging in with the credentials they listed when creating the account.

  • If you have questions about how to upload your player physical to the DragonFly site, please use this how-to resource. If you're still having trouble, contact our athletic trainer Molly Arey:

College considerations?

The number one focus for our players is, and always will be, academics. If you're considering playing football in college, our coaches are prepared to support that journey. But first and foremost, we want our players to be well-rounded with a focus on academics, community, and football. Our program will offer opportunities for students to achieve success on all three levels. 

In order for a student-athlete to be considered to play in a Division I or Division II school after HSHS, they should sign up to be NCAA eligible.

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